Recording Rigler.

IMG_3984First off, I’m back on the New World Symphony semifinal sub-list!  Huzzah!

UNCSA’s Master of Music program is very practical; hence, graduate students are required to take a recording class–a class which proved to be one of my favorites at the school.  The craft of the music technician always mystified me, with their mixers and bouncing and Toast.  Needless to say, it was exciting to get to work with software such as Digital Performer!

My recording of Jane Rigler‘s Two Seaming is the result.  I first heard the piece in my junior year as an undergrad.  The dynamic between the two flute parts really struck me; in a live performance, who is playing what becomes ambiguous.  My first performance of the work took place at SoundSCAPE in Maccagno, Italy, with my rivetingly musical teacher Lisa Cella.

In planning the project, I decided to record both parts of the duo myself.  Then came a good many hours of EQing and editing.  You can listen to the finished product here.




Qualified Sub.

Yes, folks–that’s right!  I got onto the semi-final sub-list for the New World Symphony located in Miami, Florida!

IMG_1967Also, the UNCSA orchestra played its final Spring Dance concert, and the Daphnis went smashingly!  Oh, and did I mention we went on tour, participating in UNC Chapel Hill’s The Rite of Spring at 100?  The UNCSA orchestra (in collaboration with the UNCSA Dance Department) was the only student performance represented, sharing the stage with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and the Martha Graham Dance Company.