Flute/light Project


“I don’t know why more music performances aren’t sensitive to the fact, the psychological fact, that… when the eye is released of so much concentration [for example, any kind of unnatural, bright light], the ear picks up and… the hearing becomes intensified… The power of hearing is somehow increased.”

(George Crumb, interview by Krisztina E. Der, January 12, 2017. Used with the composer’s permission.)


Robin McLaughlin, In the Beginning (2018)
Anna Meadors, At Daybreak (2016)
Nicholas Rich“This is a picture of”  (2018)
Michael S. Rothkopf, I Dream of Coloured Inks (2013)
Kyle Rowan, Komorebi (2016)
Stuart Saunders Smith, The Circle of Light: A Ceremony for solo flute and eight luminists (2016)
Jacob Thiede, And everything in-between (2016)

Cinematic Videos

Made with the help of Wayne Reich and Ben Singer and a cast of performers
Funded in part by 2017 UNCG Special Award in Music and 2016 Summer Assistantship
Funded in part by a Friends of Flutes Foundation Grant Award


“…a bold and compelling project.” Classical Voice of North Carolina, “Krisztina Dér and Wayne Reich: Flutist and Video Artist Meet at the Cutting Edge”

“[Dr. Dér is] an innovative player… Her program is unique and exciting… She’s really doing a great job melding the [classical and commercial] and… taking artistry to the next step.” Dr. Samantha Mowrey Miller

“The performance effectively married sight and sound.” The Retriever, “Lighten up the music”


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